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Default Re: OK...its time.....Man of Steel vs Superman Returns

As someone who was introduced to Superman through Superman 1 and 2., I can can say in imo, that MOS is the best Superman film since 1980. To me it called back to such diverse representations as the 40's cartoons, The Donner films, Smallville, and the post crisis comics. At the same time, it blended the Nolan realism with a 50's sci fi feel during the George Reeves era.

In alot of ways , it took alot of the strengths of SR and eliminated alot of the weaknesses imo. For me personally it hit all the write notes. I retold the myth without giving us a point by point rehash of the Donner film, it brought new aspects to the myth without being so radical it was unrecognizable, the handled old themes in a practical and realistic way, It balanced emotional and touching moments with the non stop action people have been longing for in a Superman film, and it set a foundation that a series of MOS sequels and JLA can build from.

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