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Default Re: So Ms. Marvel and Falcon are definitely in? Oh and what about Ant Man?

Originally Posted by Incredible Hans View Post
Why aren't they available/possible?

Scarlet Witch - With Fox owning much of her backstory and her have a complicated esoteric ability, there's not a good place/time to introduce her.

She-Hulk - Without a Hulk movie also no time to introduce her, and even then, it may be a bad idea to have a second-string Hulk.

Wasp - The last information we have from Wright/Feige about the Ant-Man is that it will be set in the 60s and not build into the Avengers. With It not coming out until after Avengers 2, it's even clearer that Wasp won't be available for Avengers 2, even if they did change it to a modern day part of the MCU as many hope and intuit.

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