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Default Re: Where would you have taken the series if Ledger hadn't died?

I agree with you about the ending for TDK, I felt it demanded a third film...and yet so many people here will tell you that TDK was the perfect way to end the series and there didn't even need to be a third film. So go figure. It was a satisfying ending though, for sure, so I get that too. BB did not have the same sort of epic ending where everything just comes together like that in one big montage and you suddenly realize the point of the whole movie (or in this case, the title character of both movies).

And yeah, that's part of why third films are so tricky to pull off. They have the job of tying up loose ends while the first two movies get to explore and create a bit more freely. I do think TDKR managed to work around that a bit by fast forwarding 8 years and removing the story from the direct aftermath of TDK, but of course plenty of people here weren't a fan of that. Very tough to please everyone.

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