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Default Re: Where would you have taken the series if Ledger hadn't died?

Originally Posted by Arawn Fenn View Post
That's just a way to attack TDKR. The end of TDK didn't seem like an ending to me.
Every single ending to each film in the Nolan films felt like an ending to me. More specifically, I always felt that Nolan found the perfect balance between the episodic franchise formula and the more story arc/setup formula (i.e. MCU). The Nolan Batman films stand on their own without screaming "sequel!" while still setting up things and leaving room for more, narrative-ly speaking. The ending of Batman Begins set up a lot of things for the future, such as the Joker card, but at the same time it wouldn't have been a problem if there was no sequel because it had a very well structured conclusion. Same thing goes for TDK IMO. It never felt like THE END to me but if things were to end there due to whatever reason, it wouldn't be a problem. The obvious exception is TDKR's ending because it is an actual ending.

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