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Default Re: Where would you have taken the series if Ledger hadn't died?

Originally Posted by Llama_Shepherd View Post
I don't think there would have been a massive disparity, and Ledger would be used far more sparingly than even in The Dark Knight.

I think Bane's plan would have had more relevance to Bruce's plight in the Pit. Bane says there can be no true despair without hope, but Bane doesn't offer any true hope, nor despair. He just rules with an iron fist.

I think Joker could have been not part of an initial release of Arkham/Blackgate prisoners, but after Bane cemented himself as a revolutionary hero, he begins to poison the hopes of Gotham's citizens, beginning with the parole hearing of Joker.

He could carve out his own chaotic terriotory of Gotham. Upon his return, before confronting Bane, Batman with the help of Robin takes down Joker (perhaps Joker is in control of where the cops were held).
I believe that hope was given to Bruce in the form of the climb. Meanwhile, Bane dangled hope before Gothamites by allowing emergency services to bring provisions into the city during the winter and by allowing the police to survive. People can huddle in their shelters and hope the police will escape captivity, and that they'll get the essentials. Bruce can hope to escape the Pit. Thus elements of hope were given to Bruce and the Gothamites.

That said, your idea for incorporating Joker as a pawn for Bane's scheme sounds great. If Bane were to cut Joker loose and have him as judge, I don't doubt there'd be some of Bane's men among the courtroom audience at all times. Working in appearances by all the major villains Batman has faced would add to the epic feel.

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