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Default Re: Tim Burton's Batman 3

Originally Posted by 3atman View Post
Why do people want Robin Williams as the Riddler? I don't know if that was ever rumored that much and he's a great actor and all, but he's more of a comedy guy, especially in '95. It's about as bad an idea as casting Jim Carey (another comedy actor but with much less ability) as the Riddler.

Why is the Riddler cast as guys mostly known for comedy? If I knew it wouldn't shift history and screw up the Nolanverse, I would've cast Gary Oldman as the Riddler back then.

Really though, can someone explain why Carey and Williams are associated with the Riddler back then? I know that Carey actually played him in all his spandex nut thrusting idiocy, but why is he seen as a comedic character?
I don't understand why the Riddler is generally seen as more of a comical type villain (hence, requiring a known comedian like Frank Gorshin, Robin Williams, or Jim Carey to play him) a la the Joker? I just figured that Edward Nygma was suppose to be a super intelligent supervillain with OCD like tendencies.

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