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Originally Posted by KneelBeforeZod View Post
There is no official timeline. Its all fan fiction. Yours is no more official than mine ... unless your last name is Nolan.
You don't get more official than Joker's quote. A character in the movie saying it. It puts an official time stamp on the events between BB and TDK.

The events of the movies support your timeline ... excepting those details you choose write-off as continuity errors.
No errors, just one. The age of Gordon's kid. We know that was a genuine goof because the timeline between BB and TDK would have to be at least 7-8 years for Gordon's kid to age to the age he did in TDK, and we know it certainly is not the case of a gap as large as that.

That's the only error.

Wayne's chronic leg injury that required a cane in TDKR ... lack of cartilage, etc. No way he does that to his knees in a year.
What in the name of God are you talking about? I never said Bruce got that leg injury in a year. I never even brought the leg injury up. You did. That's got nothing to do with the time gap between BB and TDK. That's a result of his fall with Harvey Dent at the end of TDK. Which he left unhealed for 8 years.

Are you following our discussion here?

Bane couldn't have been trained before Wayne ... unless he was trained as a pre-teen.
You are living in some kind of alternate reality to ours. Bane was rescued from the pit while Talia was still a child and Ra's was a younger man. Remember seeing the young Ra's finding Bane in the pit? Did you even watch TDKR?

Bruce is in his 40s in TDKR
Bruce was 39.

30 in BB:

31 in TDK, 39 in TDKR.

Bane is barely in his 30s, if that.
Your math leaves a lot to be desired. Talia was about 8 or 9 years old when she escaped the pit. Bane was at the very least in his late 20's to early 30's when he was her protector. Talia was a grown up was in her 30's in TDKR. That's over 20 years, which puts Bane at the very least in his late 40's in TDKR.

He even calls Wayne an "old man".
No he doesn't.

Wayne was in his mid-20s during LOS training ... which means Bane would be in his mid-teens around that time. He'd have had to be exiled when he was like 12 for Wayne to come in and train after him. Your timeline makes complete sense.
KBZ, you have not the slightest idea what you are talking about. I am flabbergasted by your opinions. It's like you watched an alternate reality version to the rest of us.

There had to be a gap between the burning of Ras' house on the mountain and his attack on Gotham, during which he trained and exiled Bane. Bane would've been about 20 at that time. Makes far more sense
You are hilarious lol. I'll repeat again with pictorial proof. YOUNG RA'S AL GHUL finding Bane:

Which proves Bane got his training BEFORE Bruce did. End of story. No offense but please get these simple facts straight before you start these kinds of discussions.

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