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Default Re: Jurassic Park IV - Part 1

Maybe some sort of virus that is also infecting humans as well as dinosaurs or just humans and it's the dinosaurs that are a cause of it. The dinosaurs place in the ecosystem makes everything be thrown off balance and it creates some sort of virus that is killing people globally. Or perhaps over these many years since the third, other rich industrialists and corporations have come in and stolen dinosaurs for their own benefit and have created things that are worse than parks. Hammond would have to be dead of course. This lets the corporations swoop in and do what they please in secret with lots of money without the public knowing over the course of a decade.

Then possibly a dinosaur escapes from a facility on the mainland, is killed, or kills some people, letting the secret out to the public.

Then there's a cure that could be within the dinosaurs blood or DNA. This gives incentive for people to go back to the island to extract whatever they need to find a cure and save the world from human extinction. It goes back to the theme of tampering with nature and a new theme of how ironically, we are dying as a result for science because of "best intentions." I also like how we are just as in much danger if not more, than the dinosaurs are. Then possibly, the dinosaurs could be the new ruling species all over again if the virus is not stopped.

Then of couse, they would have to kill the dinosaurs. Possibly replicating a meteor that will wipe them out. But many people will die as a result of this. This is where the corporations will want to stop this from happening since they want to keep the dinosaurs for profit and generate revenue by selling DNA, blood, bones, and even creating theme parks off of them. And the conundrum from scientists would be to kill these species since they are a scientific wonder and could continue to study them, possibly wanting to save them. But there has to be a compromise.

There could be lots of ethical and moral as well as scientific themes to be had with this idea.

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If this was directed at me, I don't come here just to bad mouth the movie, I come here to discuss any new and relevant news. The new and relevant news just so happened to be ****.

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