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Default Re: Batman Begins is the greatest Batman Film to me.

Ok. I was watching Begins last night, since I got the trilogy on Blu Ray for crimbo

And in my head during the Asylum scene between Rachel and Crane, I reimagined the entirety of that scenario.

After Rachel and Crane get out of the elevator in the Asylum's bottom levels, he tells her to wait there as he goes down the corridor. After a moment, the lights shut off, and Rachel is surrounded in darkness. She starts calling out for Crane...then, the dim back up genarator lights kick in, and standing there is Scarecrow. Only this time wearing more of a costume than just his suit. He brandishes a giant scythe, covered in what appears to be dry blood. Rachel starts to panic, as the Scarecrow slams the scythe to the floor, and starts dragging it behind him moving slowly towards her.

"The...look...of fear in your eyes... It's beautiful"

At that, Rachel darts off in the other direction as fast as she can run. But Scarecrow still moves at his own slow pace, screeching the sycthe behind him.


Franticaly, Rachel tries every door she sees, but they are all locked. She hears the sound of Crane's shuffling feet and the scythe's screeching drawing closer, and continues further down the corridor. Now the sound of men snarling, screaming and crying can be heard

She comes to the end and barges through the double doors...where she's confronted by the sight of Arkham inmates chained to the floor with collars around their necks. Some are out of it, while the others attempt to reach for Rachel, some with hands ready to murder, with others, hands wanting to be saved. Rachel spots another door at the other side of the room, and now Scarecrow is almost on top of her. She braves her fear and splits, narrowly avoiding those inmates. As Scarecrow enter the room however, all the inmates cower as hard as they can to the walls., covering their ears to the sound of the scythe.

As Rachel bolts to the door though however, she finds it locked...she turns to face Scarecrow...his hands raised in the air, scythe at the ready -

"That's it...that's what I love to see from people...the fear...of knowing they're about to die"

Just at that moment however, before the scythe can be used, it's torn out of Scarecrow's hands by the quick line of a grapple...

Batman charges at him and knocks him down, but Scarecrow manages again to spray Batman in the face. While this has no major effect on him, it does allow Scarecrow to slip out of his grasp and run out of the room.
Batman gets to his feet and drags Rachel out the room, telling her to get out while he goes after the Scarecrow...

Batman is lead by Crane into the room at the other end of the corridor, where the other inmates are dwelling, creating the chemicals and dumping them into Gotham's water supply.
He is forced to fight them all...ending it all by blowing up several containers of the fear gas into the room, reducing the inmates to weeping children, along with Crane.
Outside he explains the situation to Rachel, and tells her to tell Gordon as soon as the police arrive, and supplies them both with the antidote.

I just wanted to see Scarecow in a creepy slasher/horror like scene

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