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Default Re: Things you want to see in the new MoS: WF movie

Things I Do Not Want to See

-The Joker (and Harley Quinn)
-Lex Luthor
-A fight between Batman and Superman. Objectively speaking, Batman would lose in a fight with Superman; however, Superman represents the highest, purest form of humanity, and would not descend down to moronic violence. This is not the Avengers; we do not need to have our heroes beating the snot of each other in every other scene. Inevitably, there will be disagreements between the two; as Grant Morrison said in Talking with Gods, the Superman impersonator he met at Comic-Con said it best: Batman does not see the light in people." Hence, I want that characterization to influence the interactions between the two, instead of falling into the rut made by the Dark Knight Returns.
-A love triangle between Lois, Clark, and Bruce. They already did in the three part episode from Superman TAS, and there is no need to rehash it.
-No cheesy dialogue or wisecracks (I will be super pissed if there is another scene as bad as the "he's hot" one from MOS.)
-No "fake death" scenes, like Iron Man's in Avengers.

Now...what I do want to see

-The duo using their powers in conjunction: Batman with his tech, stealth, military and detective training, and Superman, with his disciplined application of power, perspective of the common man, and post-human powers (ice breath, laser beams, flight, and so on.)
-A shot of the Batwing and Superman flying side by side
-A scene building up the friendship of the two due to their understanding of each other's losses (Clark, with his father, Bruce, with his parents.)
-A scene showing Wayne Enterprises contributing to the rebuilding of Metropolis and Smallville.

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