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Default Re: Things you want to see in the new MoS: WF movie

Superman related:
- Clark the disguise
- Clark & Lous relationship developing
- More DP/Perry White stuff
- Superman saving a train, plane or something of that magnitude
- Lex Luthor
- Kryptonite
- Super-villain(s) i.e. Mettallo, Parasite etc or even Brainiac if they could make it work
- dealing with what happened in MOS i.e. the Zod death, but Goyes said ths will be covered so I can check this one off

Batman related:
- High-tech gadgets
- new Batmobile
- Alfred
- Jim Gordon
- A lesser villain or two from Batman's rogues gallery

Related to both:
- Superman vs Batman: it's gonna happen anyway, but if it does I hope they don't make Superman look a chump. Best way to o t our be silimar to Brave & the Bold or the Smallville comic.
- Supeman and Batman trusting one anothe, becoming friends

Other things I'm not bothered either way on:
- Jimmy Olsen: I'd like to see Jimmy but I'd someone has to be cut to stop an overflow if characters then it should be him
- Robin: probably won't happen anyway but I'm not too fussed if he ended up in it or not
- the Joker or another major villain from Batman's rogues gallery

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