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Default Re: "Gambit" starring Channing Tatum?

Originally Posted by 747 View Post
I'd say most of those actually has to do with acting and writing, except slender and scruffy, but those can be fixed too.

But for me I'm not too tied down with Gambit having to be slender and scruffy to work. I want the spirit of Gambit captured, a literal translation is not a priority for me.

So the actor you want has to be both actual cajun and actual expert thief? Show me that actor.
There's such thing as miscasting. It happens regardless of acting ability, makeup, and costumes.

You can't push a square peg into a circle hole no matter how hard you try.


Colin Farrell as Alexander the Great.

John Wayne as Genghis Khan.

Nic Cage as Johnny Blaze.

George Clooney as Batman.

Kevin Costner as Robin Hood.

All gifted actors but square pegs for their respective roles.

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