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Default Re: "Gambit" starring Channing Tatum?

Many people here only talk/complain. This won't make movies you want happen.

CT has worked with this producer before on She's the Man. He wanted to play Gambit long ago. Actually he did audition for the role, but back then Taylor Kitcsh got the role. Things are different for now. Tatum is rising, you like or not.

Now CT just might get his Gambit movie. Unlike many people here. CT does not just talk. He does things, make connections. He can make movies happen these days.

If they don't ask the studio for too much money, there probably will be a Gambit movie. It's not like any of you will pay for this. If it turns out to be a bad movie, don't watch it. You don't lose anything. If it turns out to be good, everyone is happy. Right?

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