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Default Re: No iron man 3 for jon favreau

Originally Posted by Doc Samson View Post
Oh don't get me wrong, I just watched "He's just not that into you" yesterday because I turned by and saw her jiggling in a red bra, so I'm with you on enjoying her "climax," I'm just saying in terms of justification, both Widow & Fury were rather shoehorned in just for the sake of some sort of continuity in this Marvel Universe, where the Thor cameo achieved the same goal in about a minutes time at the end of the movie.
It sucks for Ryan Reynolds that she is on the open market now. Then again, hot women to a movie star are like hoodrats to regular people to you and me.

Widow had more screentime in the movie and had less use. I'll agree on that. Fury had a purpose and his scenes were enjoyable though.

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