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Default Re: What's the worst that can happen?

1) Batman beats Superman.
2) Batman upstages Superman.
3) People walk away from the movie hating on Superman.
4) Henry Cavill being hated on for beating Batman by the "too young and too dumb Batman fans" quoting AngryJoe.
5) The script and general plot direction sucks due to the insertion of the Goddamn Batman.
6) This movie becomes an "Iron Man 2" where the need to showcase the DC Universe outweighs the general quality.
7) Stuff MOS leads to aren't followed up on properly. Examples include Lex Luthor, a day in the life of Clark Kent, the Daily Planet, the Clark/Lois romance.
8) The script being poor and reducing the worth of certain characters, Superman being most at risk here.
9) Creating a 3 way love triangle between Bruce/Lois/Clark
10) The entire movie being set around Batman fighting Superman leading to 1-4. To quote AngryJoe again, both of these men should not be fighting. They are greatest pair of friends even before the likes of Kirk & Spock and many other great friendships in fiction. Both of these people are stronger if they combine for the greater good and take down the real bad guys like Lex Luthor etc. They should consider this if they are going to lead to JL.
11) They choose the worst source material for ideas like The Dark Knight Returns.

Originally Posted by the last son View Post
The only key to this movie is getting Batman right. If you get him wrong we are toast. You have to get his personality to the actor correct. If not Batman reboot will suffer, justice league won't happen and possibly the end, of cavill as superman. If wrong superman may forever be doomed in movies. It's time to knock one out of the park with him. What do you all believe is the worst that can happen?
I wouldn't be too worried about how Batman is characterized. He has many movies under his belt people could go off. Plus it's generally easier to do Batman compared to others as he's human etc etc. It's Superman we should all be worried about.

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