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Default Re: What Easter Eggs do you want in the film?

Originally Posted by Frontier View Post
I think it would be cute to have a quick scene with the three previous (living) actors to play Superman. Tom Welling, Dean Cain, and Brandon Routh. Have them all be in a bar, all looking way different - Welling recently has been seen w/a buzz cut and a goatee, have Route have died hair and a stache, you know have them all not *look* the part they played at all.

But the context of the scene should be that Superman is stopping the baddy, breaks through the wall of a bar or something and stuff, they just sit there unphased, he apologies and goes back to his fight and their conversation either before/after should just be a brief bit about the costume.

Welling: "Man, I'd never be caught dead wearing anything like that get-up. Gimme a nice leather bomber jacket or something."
Cain: "Like you could be a superhero anyway. You're blind as a bat with those coke-bottle glasses!"
Routh: "I dunno, it's pretty slick to me, that outfit. Though I think he needs some color to break it up in the middle. Some red or gold or something."

I mentioned in the MoS thread a while back that it would be fun to have Routh make a cameo as someone looking for a job at the Planet, with Perry telling him the position just got filled.
Your idea was pretty good as well

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I ask her during dinner, what's her top 3 favorite movies. If she doesn't list Star Wars as at least #2. I excuse myself to the bathroom and crawl out the window. :up:
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