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Default Re: All Things Superman: An Open Discussion - - - - - - - - - Part 18

Originally Posted by Zionite1 View Post
To be fair if the they go with the veteran/rookie idea theyd avoid this issue.

The veteran/rookie approach means setting the League and MOS during different timelines.MOS will feature stories about a rookie superman in a world with no superheroes,JLA will feature a veteran superman leading a world of superheroes.

Even if its the same universe,different timelines alllows different tones for the two franchises.

Howvere this is the only solution to the problem.If they dont go this route we are pretty much f*******
Assuming that is the only solution. Do you not think that different timelines are not a very 'sellable' concept for the GA to understand/care about. For that reason I can easily see WB steering from that approach.

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