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Originally Posted by Shikamaru View Post
Agreed. If MOS doesn't turn out being the best CBM, it will at least be the perfect CBM to date meaning that it has the perfect balance in its tone between realism and fantasy. It looks like they created a world where literally anything can happen and exist, which is even more fitting if MOS really is the start of a shared universe.

The way I see it, Nolan has perfected storytelling in CBM's not only by creating ones that the general audience can fully take seriously but also by finding the perfect balance between movies that stand on their own and that still have continuity & things set up for future sequels in there at the same time, with the only thing missing is that element of fantasy. MOS seems to be following doing the exact same thing only adding that fantasy element in creating a world where anything can happen, creating the perfect CBM.

Also, are you sure the Riddler is the best example of that though? Because Riddler would've fit in perfectly. He's not any more out there than the Joker was. I think you meant someone like Clayface, Poison Ivy, Mr. Freeze, etc.
And that's why I am pissed. Nolan could have included him, no problem.
Lol but yeah, not quite the right example.
Let's replace my Riddler example with Ms. Ivy.
I'm hoping Steel opens the door for the DC cinematic universe. I would love a Batman reboot with the tone of let's say, Bruce Timm's series.

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