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Default Re: No more rights.

Originally Posted by Smirnoff View Post
So, I'm not going to pretend I have much of a grasp on politics. All I know is that must, if not all of our constitutional rights have been taken away. How the **** is it possible that someone is not allowed to chose to do drugs if he or she chooses to? It in no way interferes with the lives of others. How is it legal to poison the **** out of the planet, atmosphere and each other with chemicals and cigarettes but we can't do drugs that effect nobody but our own selves? It's almost as ****ed as suicide being illegal. Nobody should have to right to force somebody to live, that's crazy.

I'm just wondering how the government got people so brain dead that they think we need all these law's to protect us? Did it start with the "Soviet Menace" and the illusion of us needing to destroy other countries in order to protect our "freedom"? Is it because 99% of the American population goes to work, comes home, drools to the TV and goes to bed? They're so damned content hiding behind their white picket fences that they don't know what the ****'s going on? Capitalism. Keep them fed, give them work, give the the illusion of freedom and they'll all think everything is as good as it get's.
Your facts are a little mixed up.
The US Constitution never allowed for the protection of people's rights to use drugs. The rights from that document are, for the most part, with limited exceptions, still in place (right to bear arms, right to free speech, etc).

Sadly drug use/addiction does affect the lives of others many times. Now while there may be some casual users of marijuana who never let it affect their daily lives (they still go to work, pay their bills, take care of their families), there are plenty of users, particularly of hard drugs, that wreck the lives of their families and loved ones.

99% of the American population doesnt go to work and doesnt drool to the tv and then go to bed. That was a really bad generalization.

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