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Default Re: Girl gone ROGUE Thread (ANNA PAQUIN's BACK!)

JP Is 100 percent correct.barring reshoots the OT actors apart from Hugh are done.

Days of future Past was never going to be direct version of comics.Remember the comic was based In present and future.Here It Is peroid past and future.

The time travel will likely be close to comic version except It will have Wolverine In place of Kitty.Thus Wolverine ww will see In 1973 part of DOFP will be Wolverine of that time
peroid with mind of future wolverine.That also means we will likely have bone clawed
Wolverine In 1973.

Just like target of assassinationw ent from Kelly In comic to likely Trask In film version
Inless Nixon Is target but my money would be on Trask with Peter dinklage called main
anatargist of film.

X2 took some of core elements of God Loves Man Kill but made It work for film and for followup to X-Men.I expect the same here.Taking some core elements of DOFP but making them work for film series.

What do I mean by core elements of DOFp.Future with Sentinles hunting down mutants,desperate time travel plot to try prevent future,time traveler warning past version of X-Men about fuutre,Brotherhood plot an assassination,and X-Men VS
Brotherhood to prevent assassination.

As for rogue hopefully during Anna's time on set some interaction between her and Hugh
were filmed.Well undoudtbly some of her role Is Rogue with Iceman I hope that's not all her one on one screentime.Rogue might be one of first on screen casalties of the sentinles.

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