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Default Re: Days of Future Past News and Discussion - Part 7

Originally Posted by Mr.M View Post
But the changes will have already happened if Wolverine is successful? Unless the original timeline is in an alternate universe that still exists in some parallel dimension. So I don't see how it's practical to cut back and forth. Maybe the past exclusively for the last 1 hr 20 minutes or so.

My guess is, prologue LotR style in 2023. Present day for a half hour or forty minutes, and then the last hour and change will be the past, and the climax would return to the present day in the new timeline, where I think everything will seem happy and peaceful, but we'll get some cliff hanger or open ended climax where we are left wondering if the Sentinels may return... or something more... Sinister.
Doubtful as the audience would be impatient to see what's happening to the present X-men in the future. Until Wolverine changes the past they're still living and fighting in the future. We'd want to see how that is going.

I think it will flip back and forth at certain points. Otherwise you lose the impact of what changing the past would mean. We have to be reminded why it's urgent that Wolverine succeeds. And his mind has to brought back or he gets stuck in the past and it will damage the future timeline in some way. I don't believe they segment the movie so neatly as 2023-present-past-changed future. I think it will go 2023-present-past/present (mostly past)-changed future.

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