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Default Re: What if Justice League bombs?

Originally Posted by JerseyJoker View Post
I'm not being a pro Marvel/ anti DC guy at the moment.

I'm serious. At least going into The Avengers, studio could project a stream of success from all the solo films. Each one doing good to great business, so you have an idea where you might land with The Avengers at worse.

But with Justice League, they say it has no connection to Nolan's Batman and by the time it comes out there will only be one film its connected to and its Man of Steel. I doubt they are treating JL as a direct sequel to Man of Steel, so you can judge one from the other.

If JL bombs, how does that set back everything at DC/WB? We have seen WB take considerably long time developing projects and really not having the success rate they would want with titles not named Batman. If JL pulls in big box office and mediocre/ok reviews, WB probably wont mind, but if they put up Green Lantern figures, it will be a disappointment and how does that hurt the business of live action adaptations?
I think we should be more worried about a good "Man of Steel" film right now. If that film doesn't do well, I doubt we will be talking about Justice League anymore until after the next Batman film. That would be the next window to try again.


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