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Default Re: What if Justice League bombs?

Originally Posted by dnno1 View Post
I think the most difficult thing is getting the right cast together and getting all the attitudes to gel.
That's a huge element. I agree. A good story is another defining factor. I just get the feeling that a lot of people feel that movies like these take 5-10 years to make. In reality, a good script can be drafted in 3 months. The casting can be done even quicker than that. Principle photography can be done in under 6 months and post-production/VFX can be done within 6-9 months (the biggest variable in my mind). How much of a rush does it really take for a summer of 2015 release?

I get the argument of needed the right build-up/momentum. That's not something that we really know about since we don't know if it'll only be MoS as a launching point at that time. We also haven't seen a massive team-up like this without going the Avengers route. I wouldn't say that X-men or Watchmen had this much to live up to. This is the part that is the most debatable to me.

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