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Default Re: The Official Batman (1989) Thread - Part 3

Originally Posted by Homer J. Fong View Post
Right, to say that he had no interest would be wrong, but ultimately, he didn't believe the character fit into either of those films or the world that he was portraying. I can't imagine the Burton-Keaton Batman with a Robin. And it's not because I hate Robin; I do prefer a Batman who fights solo (and you know what I mean by solo - obviously Alfred and Gordon should always be there), but that Batman with a Robin? Can't see it. And neither could Burton, ultimately.
That's pure conjecture on your part.

Every quote that I've ever read more eluded to Robin being cut out of Batman Returns due to time constraints, not because of any reasoning that he didn't "fit" into Burton's world.

In fact, the simple fact that Burton went as far as casting an actor for the role pretty much infers that Burton did very much have his own unique vision for the character.

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