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Default Re: am I the only one who DIDN'T think Nicholson nailed joker??

Originally Posted by Fudgie View Post
Jack Nicholson is my least favorite Joker. He didn't put much into his performance and he never sounded different when changed to Joker. He still was like Jack in a clown costume. I think he had a good laugh but that's all I liked about him.

Heath was better.
That's your unqualified opinion. Don't try to present as fact.

Fact is, you can examine that he did two different performances (Jack Napier and Joker) in the same movie, so you can watch the movie and directly compare. If he played Joker the same as Jack Napier, I would agree with your opinion, but they are obviously different. In fact, the whole movie would not work if you didn't see a complete transformation from Jack Napier to Joker. Otherwise it would be Jack Napier wearing clown makeup, which is obviously not so.

Originally Posted by Brain Damage View Post
I actually found Jack much, much, MUCH more frightening in The Shining than in Batman, but I suppose that is because it's a horror film directed by Kubric no less. As for parallels, I think they pretty much speak for themselves. Just look at any scene where Jack is losing his knocker (such as when he's at the bar) and you can see certain facial expressions, mannerisms and such that are similar between both characters.
"Hi Lloyd. A little slow tonight isn't it?" I also got a Joker vibe from that scene, but I couldn't imagine his Joker doing the same thing. The Joker used more of a distinctive cackle, and his sense of humour wasn't like that. The Joker does it more sinister, while Jack Torrance is more crazy.

Now, I'm not arguing that Jack plays them the same, because he very clearly doesn't. But certainly there are more similarities than anything Heath had ever done before compared to his Joker, come to think of it, other than TDK, did Heath ever even play a villain?
I've only seen him in like 3 other movies, so I don't know.

I'm just saying, he had the luxury of playing Joker and only Joker in The Dark Knight. Nicholson had to play two roles. So obviously he's not going to camp it up as Jack Napier or play a Jack Napier wearing clown makeup. He had to make each performance distinctive to show the transformation from Jack Napier to Joker.

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