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Default Mark Millar now snubbing Marvel Disney...?

Avengers was a very fun popcorn movie with a lot of good jokes, but in terms of actual scale and depth I think Dark Knight rises to the top for Summer 2012 for me.
Hearing Avengers being referred to as a "popcorn movie" coming from this guy sounds sort of demeaning. Micheal Bay's Transformer films are glorified popcorn flick but most of Whedon's work deserves a little more credit. And for the record, I'm quite certain that Escargot wont be served in most theaters during Kickass 2.

Every one's entitled to their opinion but in this case it just doesn't sound genuine.
Chronicle was a good film for what it was but better than both DK and Avengers? Sure that assessment doesn't have anything to do with a certain reboot that's about to be re-ruined?

Looking forward to: In 2013? Kick-Ass 2. There can be only one. Also buzzed about Superman and - the big surprise, I think - The Wolverine. The script is amazing and Mangold is such a brilliant director. Seen the first 10 mins and it looks like David Lean doing a superhero movie. This the one that's going to surprise people. This and First Class were Year Zero for the Fox Marvel movies as far as I'm concerned.
Wow one minute you're begging Marvel/Disney on the behalf of your employer for their Marvel prisoners to be part of the shared Marvel/Disney Universe and then next your slighting Marvel all together?

I can name 10 movies in 2013 that most people are more excited about than The Wolverine. Kick Ass 2 is one of them so I wonder where Millars loyalty would lie if FOX changed Wolverine's date to June 28th?

Basically Millar sounds like his opinion is influenced by obligation. On his Twitter account he mainly speaks of his own creations and in an earlier interview Millar compared Wolverine to Ironman and Mickey Mouse. Now he dares not speak Marvel characters name?

2013 will indeed be a very interesting year. So I'll definitely be eating popcorn while Millar continues to flip flop and misinform his followers and FOX fans alike.

What do you think?

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