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Default Re: A theory about an alternate TDKR with the Joker

Originally Posted by BatLobsterRises View Post
I think in Goyer's original outline, The Joker had to play a big role in the third film since he was going to be on trial and scar Dent. You'd have the drama of Batman wanting to save Dent, but ultimately the true threat would have had to come down to The Joker and/or a new villain.

Ultimately, I'm glad we have a LOS bookended trilogy with a great big Joker/Dent story in the middle, as opposed to a LOS origin story followed two movies about The Joker and Two-Face. As is, each film marks a specific chapter in Bruce's life and has an overall greater scope and cyclical angle to it. In my mind, TDK represents Batman in his prime, as he deals with two of his most classic adversaries.

Goyer's original outline would have been better suited for a series that was going to simply end its run at the end of Year 1 and have the continuity continue under different directors.
I agree with this. My only complaint with the LOS resurgence is the potential with Talia that was ultimately wasted. I would have Bane and Talia leave Batman in some sort of death trap to watch as they go to destroy Gotham. It would have been awesome to see Bane, Talia and Barsad walk out of city hall together, the circle now complete. You could have Bruce with all his wits managing to escape, join up with Catwoman and chase them down with the Bat and Bat-pod. Obviously that is a basic idea, but had the final battle been extended a little, Talia could have had a worthwhile send off. Oh yeah, and re-cut her death scene while we are at it.

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