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Originally Posted by roach View Post
Studios don't make the movie for the fans...if they did they would all be faithful adaptations
How could any die hard spider fan love this since they aren't using the suit that he has worn for 50 years (see what I did there). Its not for anyone of us to decide what makes a spiderman fan
except spider-man without the mechs is so stupid its not even funny.Major difference there.Fans can adjust to the costume.Half of them out there will never embrace the organics.Thats a central part of his character.Thank God sony learned from their mistakes and are doing his origin story right this this time with a reboot.The only thing I dont like about it is I think they are doing it too soon.should have waited at least a couple more years.

again this thread is hysterical that first was every bit as imperative they rebooted Spider-Man as much as it was for them to reboot Batman with Batman Begins.Both times they betrayed the source material so badly its disgusting they could have even thought of such a thing in the first place.

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