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Default Re: Wonder Woman Thread Reborn! - - Part 11

Originally Posted by cin0 View Post
Did you read that somewhere? I had no clue everyone on the island was greek. Where was it mentioned that they only speak greek on the island? And why the fuss about an accent thats been nonexistent for as long as WonderWoman has been portrayed? Her character is supposed to represent America, I think it's plenty logical that she has no accent.
It just makes sense that they would be Greek, Themyscira was established during ancient Greek times, so I don't see why they would have American accents, they wouldn't even interact with Americans, until Steve Trevor crashes on the island. For a film, it wouldn't make sense for her to speak Greek, long scenes of subtitles would get annoying. Have her speak english obviously, but with a slight greek accent. But I wouldn't mind an American accent, that's how she's portrayed in animation. A British accent would make more sense than an American one though. Themyscira is supposed to be ancient, and the English accent is a lot older than the American one. Plus a Wonder Woman film would be pretty fantasy, and every American knows...English accent=fantasy.

I think Wonder Woman's costume was originally supposed to represent America, but in modern incarnations, her costume was armor from Themyscira. And I see Wonder Woman as a worldly character, she shouldn't just be limited to America, or have to represent it.

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