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Yes, you are pulling it completely out of nowhere with this! How do you even get Ultron being FORGED from Iron Man's helmet to = Ultron takes over Iron Man's suit. The obvious first thing you should come to is Ultron is created from Iron Man, not that he takes him over.

This is not the comic books. Yes, Ultron is Pym's in the comic books but that means nothing in the MCU. Look at Mandarin. Look at every Iron Man villain. They've changed them all. Hell, we already know Pietro and Wanda will be fundamentally changed to an extent,

You have to look at what makes the most sense in the MCU, and what makes the most sense right now is for Iron Man to be the one to create Ultron. There are a lot more positives to him creating Ultron in the movieverse than Pym...whose only positive is really "we stayed true to the comics!" And like I keep saying, Pym may not be what we think he is in the MCU! Don't take that for granted. Everyone is just pretending like Wright never said in his Ant-Man script that Scott Lang is the primary protag and Pym is an old guy. That script may not be as changed as we thought.

I'm just saying at the very least prepare yourself to deal with it. Also, remember that for Ultron itself, Pym being specifically the one to build him does not really matter. All the prerequisite needs to be is a scientist who thinks he is bettering the world builds Ultron. That fits Tony to a tee. So all your worries are really founded on Pym's character being butchered, and like I said, he may not be at all like in the comics in the first place.

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