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Default Re: So Spider-man's webbing DID kill Gwen

Originally Posted by ReggieWhiteJr View Post
Wouldn't she have died if she hit the water? That's what I've always thought. I read Peter Parker Spider-Man #50 and Peter is talking about Gwen's death to aunt May and he says she'd have lived if she hit the water. I always thought it was a no-win situation.
Just read the comic you are referring to. Peter is deluding himself, BIG TIME, if he thought for one minute, that Gwen or any other non super human could have survived a fall from the (Bklyn Bridge-GW Bridge). He also says that Goiblin slamed into Gwen like a steam roller wtih the glider. So although he said she was barely conscious, the glider hit her with the same impact as a moving vehicle. She had no chance to survive.Peter made a last ditch effort to save her but she was too far down the bridge for him to have been able to pull her up without snapping her neck.It was as you said- a NO Win situation. But at least he tried which is what he should focus on instead of thinking that she could have lived.
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