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Default Re: Bryan Singer Directing X-Men: Days of Future Past - Part 2

Originally Posted by Mrs Vimes View Post
I'd rather them do something completely new, to be honest, with new characters and/or new actors. Shake things up and make the franchise fresh again, rather than drag out the same old cast. DoFP looks too much like nostalgia-fest already for my liking, even though I understand that the old cast is necessary for the DoFP storyline.
And they've been doing prequels since 2008 and now they are currently working in a cross-over movie. Something old and familiar wouldn't be a bad idea for the next movie after DOFP.

Originally Posted by magneto23 View Post
FOX doesn't need to "sell" the First Class cast. Not with the actors they have leading it. I don't see FOX dropping the FC series in favor of the decade old originals. IMO post DOFP will be FC or FC and X4. They have JL, JM, and MF locked up for a 3rd film. You think FOX is throwing that away?
Well the box-office performance of First Class was definitely not overwhelming to begin with. Even if all of the FC actors won an Academy Award next year but if they cannot manage to outgross the other X-Men movies, I don't think FOX would be satisfied with that and it doesn't look good for the franchise. If this movie is just a straight-up sequel to First Class, without the cast of original trilogy, this movie wouldn't even have this kind of buzz right now.

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