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Default Re: The Official Superman Fan Art & Manips Thread - Part 10

Originally Posted by Dr Magneto Doom View Post
With all due respect to the person that made that shirt and those who want to pay 40$ for it.. really? It looks like something I'd MAYBE get for my little kid if I had one. 40$ is around £26 here so I would rather pay that for a nice T-shirt but that's just my personal opinion

Or go for a classic, can't go wrong with that:

I have SEVERAL classic shirts and two shirts in the Superman Returns style. I think the shirt Woody designed looks amazing, but $40 is a little too steep for me....wish it were cheaper

Originally Posted by fanboiii View Post
I'm pretty sure most of us have a classic shirt :P
yes, very true....and if you don't you need to be smacked!

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