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Default Re: All Things Superman: An Open Discussion (Spoilers) - - - - - - - - - - - - Part 9

Originally Posted by Zionite1 View Post
The Bolded is my problem.The number 1 reason the GA liked this movie was because of the action,spectacle and visuals.Therefore reducing the scale of this sounds like a very bad idea.

I dont see how the Kryptonian elements hurt the film.If anything hurt the film it was the editing.
In the quest to fix what was wrong in MOS 1,they should not forsake what was right.The reason I keep harping on the action/spectacle aspect is because it was the number 1 attraction to the Ga they liked it so much the film is on its way to being the number 1 superhero reboot.

If you have metalo as the sole physical threat you loose this.If you have humans with kryptonite as the sole physical threat the action and spectacle dies down a lot.

There is nothing wrong with the action and scale in Superman-this is a department Superman as all heroes beat and to lose one of its stronger stregths i just silly.

For the sequel they shouldnt go smaller with the action scenes .Thats not an option.They do howver need to go deeper.That was a big flaw in this movie
Has there been polling to indicate the action is the number one thing the public liked ?
I dont see how that staement can be proven beyond a shadow of a doubt.

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