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The really great thing is that Price is also nominated for an Oscar. I think he's got a really good shot too. His other work is awesome, but GRAVITY is freakin' top shelf.

Give it a listen on YT or Spotify! Spotify's great b/c the sound quality's pretty good it'll go through the whole soundtrack for you in full. Actually, you can listen to ALL the Price you want on Spotify.

ETA: I forgot but Wright named a character after him in TWE (Paddy Considine's character… well, kinda. Steven Prince, not Price) I'm loving this thing where Gunn and Wright bring their people on board to make their movies.

"Joss Whedon, Shane Black, Edgar Wright, James Gunn [and Ryan Coogler]… For as much flack as people give Marvel that's a pretty freaking great group of filmmakers. Kind of feel spoiled."

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