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Default Re: Captain America: Super Soldier (The Video Game)

Originally Posted by BizarroAids View Post
I don't know how Cap fits all these collectables in his pockets/pouches.
That has been the ongoing joke at my house today lol, somebody should get on the radio

"Cap, be sure to destroy those turrets, and by the way, don't be stealing ****"

Originally Posted by Simo View Post
Been playing on 360 for a couple of hours now...really solid so far. Cap's animations and movement could be faster and yeah it obviously rips on Arkham Asylum but it's still oh so much fun especially the combat.

You start off with a small arsenal of moves but once you begin upgrading the combat opens up more given more counters, moves and special moves that combat hasn't gotten repetitive...yet.

Gamestop gave me a swanky pair of 3D glasses which surprised me because I thought the 3D was just for 3D enabled TVs but you can actually play it in 3D on regular HDTV sets, so I gave it try on the first mission and the effect was pretty cool with the 3D effect being the mortars flying overhead Cap.
Im gonna try those out right now

Originally Posted by Eggyman View Post
People on the net would argue about the sky being blue if all other subjects were exhausted. The last suit was beautiful and if how it was made is a problem for them, I suggest they start watching docu-dramas about nuns in the war. You can suspend disbelief about flying and laser eyes and blue men with small penises being able to see time as a whole, but you can't let slide about how someone stitches a leotard. The mind boggles.
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