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Default Re: Captain America: Super Soldier (The Video Game)

See, it kinda frustrates me in a way because it was a perfect combat system for Cap but it's trapped in a mediocre game.

I felt the same way with the first IM game. He looked great, and it felt so damn awesome to take off and shoot into the sky, zipping around. That felt totally like Iron Man, but then the game itself was garbage. Imagine this... (Btw, I'll preface this as obviously wishful thinking)

Imagine a free roam Avengers game, set in NY, that's 4 players online co-op, where each playable Avenger (Cap, IM, Hulk Thor) plays exactly like their best game counterparts, so Super Soldier combat for Cap, flight for IM, Hulk Ultimate Destruction style for Hulk and....well, I guess Thor would have to be made awesome from scratch lol

That is the game I hope we get one day.... All I want is an epic, free roam Marvel co-op game

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