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Default Re: Official Clark Gregg/Agent Coulson Support Thread

Originally Posted by quara33 View Post
Me too, but could he be referring to a physical trailer on set (its like a small mobile home where actors can go relax, etc between takes) rather than an advertisement featuring coulson? I love how much of a kick Clark Gregg is getting out of all of this--it's fun to hear about actors having fun with this stuff. And either way it does mean we'll be seeing more of Coulson this time around.
You are exactly right. The person who posted that article misinterpreted what Gregg said in the interview. He said, "I got to show up and put on the Coulson suit and I've got enough lines that I have a trailer, plus I get to do this amazing script by Joss Whedon."

This is good news for Coulson fans because it means that he has a much larger role in The Avengers. Gregg has already said that Coulson is involved in the actual battle with the invaders, which means we should get to see more of his badass side.

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