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Default Re: Now that Disney has acquired Lucas films...

Originally Posted by Dark Raven View Post
This is what I'm thinking. Why take a chance with Fantastic Four? What if Josh Trank does put it into production? Will Disney make a last minute offer? Star Wars has probably exhausted its supply, whereas Marvel has many more stories and is going through a golden age. Now would be the time to buy Fantastic Four and Spider-Man, but don't bother with X-Men.
Disney could make the 2 billion they gave Locus with close to one film. And it's rumored that part 7 of the next Starwars trilogy may release in 2015.

So if Fox does think they're safe considering all the heavy hitters coming out in 2015 already. If I were Disney I'd have Pixar release an Incredibles sequel a week before their F4 reboot and this Starwars sequel a week after thus suffocating it.

Don't forget that WB has beef with Fox as well (See Hobbit 3 release date) so I'm sure they could throw some interference there way as well.

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