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Default Re: Thor 2 Dark World news, speculation and pictures possible Spoilers - Part 7

TBH i dont think a thor tv spot is gonna be shown at superbowl cuz:
the movie is less than an year away, and IM3 needs to amp up its marketing by putting a tv spot, i dont think Disney is willing to put 2 marvel movies during the bowl so dont get ur hopes up...
But i am pretty damn sure IM3 will have a tv spot during superbowl cuz theres not that many blockbuster movies coming out on the first half of 2013 other than MOS and star trek...
I think the first footage of thor we are gonna get is with the phase 1 briefcase pack where Feige i think confirmed that theres gonna be some sort of teaser of IM3, Thor TDW, and Cap WS, which is like the first week of April...
as for a full theatrical trailer for Thor 2, I is most likely gonna be with IM3 release, which is six months before Thor 2 release, which sounds right since IM3 got its first trailer before six months of its release...

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