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Default Re: Thor 2 Dark World news, speculation and pictures possible Spoilers - Part 7

Oh, some comics news here...

January 03 2013

Christos Gage to pen Thor and Iron Man "Marvel Cinematic Universe" comics. Christos Gage, writer of Angel and Faith and Willow, is writing a Thor comic that bridges the first Thor film and Thor: The Dark World. Additionally, he is writing a comic that bridges together Iron Man 2 leading up to Iron Man 3. More after the cut.

Both titles will be a two issue mini series.
Christos promises the Thor title to be "very character focused". There's a preview page of the art featuring Loki.

The first Iron Man issue was released on January 2nd, and the first Thor issue comes out on January 16th.
Tweeted 1/4/2013 Christos Gage ‏@Christosgage
@broadwayhottie Yeah, the Thor prelude bridges the first Thor film and the next one. Very character focused!
Also IMDB now lists Thor 2 as in "post production"

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