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re: Layla's powers

I get the impression that David fully intended for Layla's powers to always be the whole butterfly effect thing (and maybe also the resurrection stuff, because she did bring that dead butterfly back as a kid). There are several times in the earlier issues where it's clear that she's seeing multiple futures and trying to get a specific outcome.

But then Messiah Complex happened, and I think editors made David get rid of her. Having a precog around who could see where everything was going was going to create a huge plot hole in the whole Mutant Messiah thing; if Layla knew who the baby was and what she would do, why wouldn't she use her influence to create the best possible outcome? They also remembered to nix Destiny's Diaries before bringing Cable and Hope back from the future. I think if Blindfold's precognitive abilities didn't seem to be restricted to the immediate future, they'd have killed her off.

I also remember an interview with Peter David a while back, right around the time Adult Layla first popped up. He said something about how the editor didn't want to let him bring her back at first, but he had to tell the editor where he was going with her return. Then BLAM, when that particular arc finished, we got that scene where Adult Layla gave Kid Layla her memories to explain why she knew the future.

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