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Default Re: Man of Steel Box Office Prediction Thread - Part 5

Originally Posted by kguillou View Post
I LOVE and appreciate your positivity, dude. I think alot of us just really really really want a sequel and an eventual DC universe and we want this movie to perform the best it can so the execs at Warner can greenlight it. I too feel like this will perform well enough to warrant it but I don't blame people for feeling worried.

It's funny, I don't think i've ever seen this much talk and coverage over a CBM's box office performance before. It just goes to show you just how much is riding on this film.
The way I see it, there was no groundwork in MOS to set the tone for cameo performances. Easter Eggs is the only thing that was looked upon.

The world of Superman was to be established first and foremost through the reboot and then get a green-lighted sequel (to which I think is a lock at this point) and it will be there to where the DC Universe will be established with other characters coming into the fold, which means bigger numbers for the sequel and a green-lighted team-movie judging by those numbers.

I think MOS set the tone and is going to do MORE than good enough to warrant the sequel. It will be then to where the fast-tracking will begin and the goodies will come pouring in with MOS2 to set up the Justice League connections.

People just need to calm down for a second.

Man of Steel: 6
Batman V Superman: 4
Suicide Squad : 2
Wonder Woman: 3
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