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Default Re: Man of Steel Box Office Prediction Thread - Part 5

Originally Posted by robot View Post
I too felt Cavill was far and beyond the better actor..

But, after saying that, i can see why some didn't like him.. not 'him cavill per se', but rather his character.. there was just too much 'moping, never smiling, always that sad/conflicted face,.. '

One of my friend, said that to me.. he thought cavill was 'wooden and only has one act'... again, i think it's the script's fault here... they should have included some light hearted moments... even the first flight scene was done with such a rush job.. you don't enjoy it, or have no magic...
It was an ORIGIN tale that had major back-story on the world Clark was conceived on. People are forgetting the fact that this origin story dealt with the inner-battle of a child-turned adult savior all in one breath and had more of a fatherly/son relationship that dealt with outrageous choices of becoming who he needed to be.

MOS is the spring-board of Superman becoming the hero we all so recognize today and the point of accepting himself and moving forward to become the better man. Did anybody see the ending? "Welcome to the Planet" and the innocent relief of Clark's smile before the credits? Those heartfelt moments and magic will come in the ongoing story.

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