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Default Re: Man of Steel Box Office Prediction Thread - Part 5

Originally Posted by Kevin Smith View Post
No, I'm not. I'm seriously worried there won't be a sequel and it will fail to meet expectations at the box office. I'll be surprised if MOS gets 250 by the end of its run, domestically...400 mil worldwide would be lucky. :-/
This is actually quite simple using logic.

IM2 made 128,122,480 in it's opening weekend
MOS made 125 in it's opening weekend (if you want to include Walmart, which I have absolutely no idea why you wouldn't)

IM2 dropped 70.5% on it's 2nd Friday. While at worst MOS is looking at a 71% drop (I'm pretty sure the guy pages back who came up with that percentage used Walmart's numbers). IM 2 made 51 mil in its second weekend. MOS at worst is looking at 44 mil. So that's just 7 mil less. And if you discount MOS Walmart, looking at 116 mil -- then it seems that Yahoo's drop of 70% (less of a drop than IM2) is looking to be accurate (since it seems like they didn't include Walmart). IM2 dropped 77 mil in its second weekend, discounting Walmart MOS dropped 73 mil (including it, it dropped 81 mil).

In the end, IM2 ended with 312 mil.

Now unless we drop off the face of the earth, I see no reason how it could possibly be 250 mil since we're basically operating the same just less.

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