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Default Re: Captain America 2: News and Speculation - Part 7

Originally Posted by Jammat View Post
I think Iron Man III passed, just. Maya and Pepper talk about Extremis for a bit.
Yeah, I think it did, barely.

MoS, for all I didn't like about it also passed.

Bechdel is important to develop female characters beyond the standard love interest/sex object role in a movie. I mean, it's a very simple threshold to pass: two women, having a convo that doesn't revolve around a man.

Yet movies fail it time and time again. And male characters have convos after convos that revolve around everything. Yet women cannot be developed the same? Come on.

Studios need to start recognizing that better developed female characters and stories will help their movies, not continually pigeonholing women into predetermined roles. (Same with actors of color too... I want a darn hero of color comic book movie!!)

I really hope that the Russos pass Bechdel since there are several kickass women in this movie. I would kill for a Widow/Sharon or Widow/Hill or Widow/Sharon/Hill/Peggy/Whatever scene!

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