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Default Re: Batman's fighting style - new Batman, what should his fighting style be like ?

Originally Posted by Batmannerism View Post
Great collection of Bat-fu ! (that's probably what I should have called this thread).

Just as long as he doesn't use the five-point-palm-exploding-heart-technique (or Drunken kung fu, ugh !)

Personally, I agree that Batman would have some skills with pressure points, but in keeping with a more "realistic" (I didn't say real-life, I just said realistic), wouldn't want to see too much of that - but I'm biased about that stuff, because in real life it's damn hard to pull off, and
about 20% of the population are immune to nerve strikes anyway. I've seen top instructors come across someone like that who won't react
no matter how much they prod or poke specific spots ( guess some people
are just wired differently).

However, seeing Bats use painful joint-locks, carotid-artery chokes, and other precision strikes would be good - a more surgical use of pain,
certainly a bit more finesse than Bale's Batman - who went from being
pretty skillful in the first film, to a mere slugger in the last film).

That's just my opinion though,
(that Dim Mak stuff, finger of death......not convinced ).

Anyway, great post, thanks for weighing in !

Thanks, no problem.

I originally posted it because I just thought it was cool, but after reading your comments, I went and research about it and it's pretty interesting. I admittedly don't know much about pressure points but it seems some poeple think it's fake?

This was something I found on Yahoo answers (Not the most reliable source, but eh):

Nerve strikes DO work, and really any conversation otherwise is uneducated and takes a stance of "mysticism' as its source of skepticism. Every single time a person hits their funny bone on their ELBOW and their HAND goes numb and tingly they have struck a nerve to painful effect. Every doctor can tell you that the so-called "funny-bone" is not the only nerve in the entire body that when struck can profoundly effect that body part or another body part. Western medicine has not spent centuries looking up all of these points on the body and their effects, but Eastern medicine has, and very effectively at that. Scientific evidence does exist to validate the manipulation of nerves through numerous (American, British, and European) studies done on acupuncture, which have consistently validated acupuncture's claims. Another issue in this realm is the way the term "nerve strike" is meant- nerve strikes do not only concern the nervous system as there are many pinpointed strikes that can damage the circulatory system, the digestive system, and the respiratory sustem. A punch to the temple, a choke-hold on the arteries of the neck, and a punch to the solar plexus are all examples of these strikes. I prefer to use the term pressure-point strikes, because it is not always about nerves- the strikes mentioned above must be done accurately and precisely to work correctly. Everyone knows that a choke hold must press the two arteries on the side of the throat to work, just squeezing the throat with brute strength isn't enough. Why is it so easy for us to accept that if you block the blood flow to the brain you can die, but not easy for us to accept that you can send a signal through the nervous system to the same effect? I love when people say: "no one's proved the death touch/strike" Well of course not! Think about it: where in the world is it legal to kill a person for a scientific experiment? And if it was performed and documented what scientific body would accept such an immoral experiment? Also, what does a person who dies from a nerve strike look like? A stroke victim? A heart attack victim? Even after the fact there wouldn't be any evidence to prove it either way. I'm not saying that the death strike must or even does exist, all I'm saying is that it is perfectly logical and scientific to believe it does. If you can't even admit the possibility that such a thing exists then you are a narrow-minded person whose ancestors were probably screaming and arguing with the scientists and explorers who declared the world was round. As for the UFC, I take a lot of issue with the UFC because their rules are hypocritical: no pressure-point strikes, but temple strikes and choke-outs are OK. No joint manipulation, but arm-bars (which manipulate and possibly break the elbow joints) are OK. The conduct system for the UFC is extremely biased, and the simple answer to any person who believes that they are immune to nerve attacks is that they are egotistical. The Martial Arts are not restrictive and unchanging, but open to the possibilities and progress of time, so don't scoff with an air of elitism where you could more easily use your brain and contemplate the possibilities.
Happy Training!
Some pressure point videos I came across:

So are these real?

Regardless, I think the sense of mystery surrounding it is what makes it awesome. In the comics it's written as a technique only a handful of people in the DC Universe know, due to the fact that it's so dangerous and must be guarded.

It's fun to let your imagination run wild a little bit and wonder if these techniques really do/could exist.

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