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Default Re: The X-force Casting Thread

Originally Posted by Dasher10 View Post
So if Wadlow already sated that his script is done and his lineup is Cable, Deadpool, Domino, Colossus and Psylocke, why do people keep asking for Cannonball and X-23 ? Why can't the two of them be in the sequel?
Because there are NO offical characters announced.Wadlow was just naming comic characters to prove a point that X-Force has different line ups. He was hinting that its gonna be a mix...
"Look, I'm a huge Deadpool fan," Wadlow told Screen Rant. "Who doesn't love Wolverine – but obviously Cable is an iconic character we haven't seen onscreen yet. I love Psylocke. Domino is an amazing character – it's a long list of characters that have appeared in 'X-Force.' Colossus is in the current lineup [in 'Cable and X-Force']. There's a lot of really exciting characters that you can use in 'X-Force' that have been in other movies, that haven't shown up, or maybe there's ways to re-imagine them, even though they might've shown up in other films."
The only other things with characters being mentioned was Lifeld tweeting its a Cable/Deadpool movie...
“I can pretty much eliminate some sites suggestion that the Milligan X-Statix stuff is in the mix. An X-Force film is Cable. Is Deadpool.”
...and we had it confirmed that its about mutants who do not make it to the mansion...
'X-Men' is about mutants, and not all the mutants get into the mansion," said Wadlow. "So I'm curious to tell a story about the mutants who don't make it into the mansion."
So that means no Colossus.

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