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Default Re: The X-force Casting Thread

^ First, Cable and Domino are automatics. If they are not doing the New Mutants version of X-Force, (and even if they are) then Cable is the main guy and Domino is also a must.

Deadpool is an interesting one. For the GA it would be a big leap to go from what we saw in Origins to Deadpool being some joking, breaking the fourth wall character on the good side. He is the Merc with a Mouth and needs to be shown as such. That means, at least for one movie, he would make a good bad guy. That gets him in the flick, which everyone wants, makes him important, plays into him being a merc, which could all lead to him joining the team in #2. So I would rather not see Deadpool on the team in X-Force #1.

From there there are two ways to go. One is with a more current line-up, with Fantomex and characters like X-23. But for the GA these would come off odd. They are much less known than others, but more importantly, they are dark, just like Cable, Domino and Deadpool. A team of 5 brooding, dark, anti-heros will not be good.

That is why we need the lighter side of things. Cannonball and Boom Boom bring this, IMO. It also brings in youth, which I believe is vitol for the X-movies. Remember, these flicks are not Avengers where you have a bunch of established (and mostly known) characters, that were all developed in other movies, fighting an alien invasion. The youthful side of the team needs to be explored.

So, if it is Cable and Domino (pretty much a must), and they make what I think is the right choice of including youth (Cannonball and Boom Boom), then whose the fifth? It could be Psylocke, but 3 girls on the team, with the likely female antogonist, might be asking for too much. Would Psylocke come off too much like Domino?

So Shatterstar would be pretty cool and the backstory could be explored (Longshot anyone?).

Colossus might work, but I guess the question is why?

Feral would be very different, but again, another female.

The more I think about it, the more I like the fifth being Shatterstar, with Deadpool as a hired merc put in their way.

Apocalypse should be a villain for the X-Men team, though it could (and should) have crossovers from X-Force, etc.

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