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Default Re: Superman TM 1978 vs Man of Steel 2013, was the world ready, what do you think?

Originally Posted by The Batman View Post
You could've fooled me. "STM only stands out because it was the only Superhero movie" sounds like undermining to me. Funny thing is, films like "The Dark Knight" and "The Avengers" stand out even with the market saturated with comic book films.
If you'd bothered to actually read my reply you wouldn't need to consider yourself fooled.

I know what the point of this thread was. My remark was a general comment about the behavior of some MOS defenders.
Clearly you don't. The point was to share your own opinions about which you prefer and why, not to attack those of others. Believe it or not it is possible to hold an opinion of your own while respect those of other people.

That's because most people who prefer STM don't conjure up excuses for why people like MOS. They don't try to write off people who don't prefer STM with some straw man argument. If you like MOS better, fine. But don't come in here with some argument like "People like STM because they prefer simple movies and nostalgia blah blah blah".
First, that's not an argument that I've made. I seriously doubt you actually read my reply - which is disappointing, as it makes me less likely to take what you have to say seriously.

Generally I have a pretty open mind, so if you're right about something, I'll admit it. But, if you just write back without reading my response, well....

Second, if someone opined that people prefer STM is better because people prefer simple movies, what's wrong with that -if it's an opinion ? The point of the thread wasn't to convince everyone else that you're right, just to share what you think.

And...that is a weak argument, often used to justify why MOS didn't get as good a reaction as STM. To act like any old superhero film could've came out in 1978 and "Stand out" simply undermines the hard work Donner and his cast/crew did to create a credible film.
You really didn't read what I wrote did you ? Here it is again, just for you.

Back to STM for a moment, and what made it exceptional.
Now I would go one further to say it was exceptional because it was a great movie, compared to other movies made at that time as a whole, in terms of its production values, its acting and because it jump started a new genre of cinema- the Super-hero film (because, again the superhero film genre didn't really exist. Okay, there was the Batman film from the late 1960's and the Saturday serials but these don't begin to compare to STM in terms of scope - in fact STM is much more serious and realistic than the 60's Batman movie, interesting how that trend continued ).

Also, there was an enthralling performance from Christopher Reeve (RIP) as the Man of Steel, so much so that no matter how rubbish the films became (Quest for Peace !) he was still great, and no one could detract from his portrayal of Krypton's last son.

STM has gone one to become, IMO, a timeless classic (even though I don't like the end) and a critical consensus backs that up. Will MOS achieve that ? Probably not, although for me personally, it's gone into my list of favourites.
I actually do believe that STM was an exceptional film, for lots of reasons, but one of them has to be that it was the first credible outing of a superhero on the big screen.

MOS' problem was not that it had a whole bunch of competition. MOS' problem, IMO is that it did not stand out from the competition. The Dark Knight Trilogy stood out, as has "The Avengers".

I'm the first person to admit that MOS did not achieve the same success of Dark Knight or Avengers, which is disappointing. In fact I think I've already said that in this thread. As for Dark Knight, I can see why, Avengers not so much - but that's just my personal reaction to the film - IMO Iron Man was a much, much better movie, it managed to balance action, excitement and real character development.

Anyway, while I loved MOS, I still see it as a missed opportunity.

As far as the alien invasion in Avengers went, it seemed pretty different to me, what with hundreds of alien soldiers flying around the city, and of course the huge mechanical flying whale things, as opposed to one big spaceship pulverizing the city. If anything, MOS was more reminiscent of Independence Day. So, yes, I do say the two were qualitatively different.
Again, a classic Superman story-line, and given that he's an alien himself,
I find it hard to accept a criticism of MOS based on the fact it contained an alien invasion.
There are plenty of other things to criticise, but hey if it bugged you that much, fair enough.

To quote someone else, "If you have that much of a problem with people's opinions, you shouldn't trouble yourself by reading this thread."
I don't have a problem with reading other people's opinions, even yours.
So why don't you stop slagging off other people and their opinions, and just state which film you preferred and why.

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